Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirFiber Internet?

It is a high-speed (Broadband) Internet access medium. Air Fiber Internet uses wireless signals to transmit Internet service to subscribers’ computers at speeds that far exceed those provided by traditional telephone-line based Internet services.

Why Choose AirFiber Internet?

Dial-up: is much slower
ISDN & DSL: have slower speeds and higher user costs
CABLE: is much more expensive to implement, has a distance limitation. Does not exist in Las Vegas.
SATELITE: has slower speeds and higher user costs.
Air Fiber: Is full duplex (faster up and download speeds), does not take up a phone line. Air Fiber is always on and always fast. Enjoy the freedom of connecting to the internet without cables!

How Fast is it?

Speeds provided by Air Fiber at DesertGate Internet are fast and range from 3-200mbs – depending on the plan and quality of the link.

Since AirFiber Internet is 'Air Fiber', does that mean that it's Satellite-based?

No. There are no satellites involved in DesertGate AirFiber Internet system. AirFiber Internet is what is called “terrestrial Air Fiber” meaning that the radio signals are generated and transmitted within the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, AirFiber Internet does not suffer from the problems that satellite Internet access does, such as interference from snow on the antenna, or high latency due to the long distances that satellite radio signals have to travel between the earth and the orbiting satellite.

Is my AirFiber Internet access portable like my cell phone?

No. AirFiber is a fixed connection from line of site of building to our tower. We do offer the ability to place AirFiber inside your home so that you may freely roam within your building on a laptop with AirFiber Internet capabilities. You may also be able to enjoy AirFiber at various local hotspots we have set up through out town!

Is AirFiber Internet affected by rain or snow, like satellite TV?

No. AirFiber Internet service does not fade out in rain/snow storms, or on cloudy days like satellite TV. During EXTREME weather, as with any service, you may experience temporary outages, usually due to power outages.

Is AirFiber Internet available in my community?

AirFiber Internet is available in 90% of Las Vegas. There are a few locations where it will not be available due to the fact that AirFiber Internet service requires a direct line of sight between some point on or around your location to one of our repeater towers. If you’re wondering whether your location qualifies for AirFiber Internet service, give us a call. We’ll schedule a free site survey to test your location and make a determination on whether it is suited for AirFiber Internet service.

How does AirFiber Internet connect to my computer?

AirFiber Internet connects to your computer via a standard Ethernet cable. Most computers now come with Ethernet ports built in. If you have an older computer that does not have an Ethernet port, we can provide one for you. (You can also connect to a router and then connect wirelessly)

Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet through AirFiber Internet?

Yes. You can connect as many computers as you want through a single AirFiber Internet connection.

Does it matter what kind of computer I have?

No. Any computer with an Ethernet port or a wireless card (with the purchase of a router) should work with AirFiber Internet.

What are your operating ranges from the towers?

Operating Ranges. The AirFiber platform offers last mile broadband access for networks of various sizes and coverage areas. A single point-to-multipoint system can cover a range of up to 10 miles, while a point-to-point system can deliver up to 35 miles.