DesertGate Air Fiber uses secure digital frequencies to bring high speed, bi-directional Internet services to homes, businesses, and hotels. This service allows the user to transfer data both up and down at the SAME time with the SAME speeds! This is a unique benefit of our service. The result is low latency, snappy web pages, and multiuser support.

AirFiber Internet Services

Unlike DSL and Cable which depend on old copper lines there are no wires or cabling needed to reach you. If your location is within line of sight to one of our transmission points, you can use our service.!

Home or Business

With plans starting at just $30/month you can have the fastest, most useful internet connection in San Miguel and Mora CountyFaster than satellite and DSL. Digital Air Fiber is the future.

Other Solutions

  • Computer Repair/Sales via GCS
  • Server Co-locating, Network design/implementation
  • Server deployment, Security Analysis/Response, IT services and remote support

Connection Plans for everyone

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Fast, Reliable Internet, Unparalleled Local Service

Stream Content

Stream HD Videos from a content provider and get Video on Demand from your content provider.

Family and Business Networks

Video Chat with your family, access Zoom meetings with business partners, access online school programming and more!


Online Gaming for single and multiplayers. Connect multiple devices and more.

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