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Introducing Air Fiber Internet:
The Fastest/Most Reliable Wireless Internet in the Region

Air Fiber Internet

DesertGate Air Fiber uses secure digital frequencies to bring high speed, bi-directional Internet services to homes, businesses, and hotels. This service allows the user to transfer data both up and down at the SAME time with the SAME speeds! This is a unique benefit of our service.  The result is low latency, snappy web pages, and multiuser support.

Unlike DSL and Cable Modems which depend on old copper lines there are no wires or cabling needed to reach your place. If your location is within line of sight to one of our transmission points, you will be able to use our service. This does not mean that you have to see the transmission tower, but that we have a clear path for the signal to travel directly between your location and the transmitter.

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With plans starting at just $40/month you can have the fastest, most useful internet connection for your home in San Miguel and Mora County! Faster than satellite and DSL, Digital Air Fiber is the future of  Internet access and requires no physical copper connection to slow you down.

DesertGate Air Fiber is a monitored, private network specifically designed for low latency and high availability. The wireless network has multiple layers of security and is symmetrical, meaning your uploads are as fast as your downloads (unlike any other internet service here). External IP addresses are available as well as firewall,  proxy services and numerous other on-demand features.

Start up costs average $150 to start.  That includes FREE programming of the subscriber module, receiver equipment costs, and on location installation.
A minimum 12-month contract required, secured by credit card.  You can cancel service in the first 30 days if not completely satisfied without early termination penalties.

For your convenience,  billing is automated and occurs on the first of each month; all new accounts are prorated for the first month

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